Health inequity in America is one of the most critical challenges of our time.

At Cityblock, we’re applying modern technology to an outdated and systemically-biased healthcare industry.



A mission that needs your talents

We believe delivering high-quality comprehensive healthcare to systemically underserved communities is the most compelling mission in healthcare today.

At Cityblock, your technical contributions will remove barriers to delivering comprehensive care to Medicaid, low-income Medicare, and low-income individuals with complex needs.

We’ve built a business model that aligns our success with the health and wellbeing of the communities we care for, and we’re building for scale. We’re still in the early days of this journey — and we’ll be more likely to succeed with you on the team.

Business Model

  • Who we serve

    We work with health insurance plans to identify populations who are structurally at risk and experiencing thousands of dollars a year in potentially avoidable emergency room services and healthcare procedures. These populations often have chronic healthcare conditions whose care is complicated by upstream systemic factors like housing, economic stability, social supports, and behavioral health access.

  • What we do

    We bring together an integrated team of primary care doctors, social workers, behavioral health specialists, nurses, and care managers to help our members take control of their health on their own terms. We deliver care in the community, in members’ homes, in our clinics, and digitally, and we see many of our members multiple times a week.

  • How we build a financially sustainable business

    When our members receive better care, they have better health outcomes. When they have better health outcomes, costs go down across the board. Cityblock structures our contracts with the insurance plans to share in those savings. That means we succeed as a business by doing right by our members.

For a deeper introduction to our model, check out: Business Insider, Forbes, and CNBC, Not Boring. Our company blog (here and here).

The Technology Opportunity

Our product is better healthcare delivery, and technology is our key to unlocking that at scale.

  • Member Engagement Image 1
    Member Engagement

    We’re member-first, community-oriented, and trauma-informed. Our populations face systemic barriers to engaging in healthcare, making it hard to deliver meaningful and consistent care. We’re taking advantage of the best D2C acquisition and growth technology tactics to deliver a high-trust, low-friction, concierge-like healthcare service that stretches both online and offline.

  • Decision Support Image 1
    Decision Support

    Our populations have significant heterogeneity and year-to-year medical cost volatility, making it hard to predict and deliver the right interventions. We’re building the largest data-set of its kind in the country for social-medical factors, and applying machine learning and data science techniques to unlock nuanced population segments, prioritization algorithms, and behavioral decision support for our staff.

  • Staff Collaboration Image 1
    Staff Collaboration

    Cityblock is on pace to hire thousands of new staff each year and we’re asking them to deliver a care model that’s very different from the industry norm. We’re building a whole new suite of multi-player tools to unlock collaboration and steer operations for our unusually interdisciplinary care teams.

Who we are

A mission-driven team

By the numbers

  • 40

    Open roles over the next six months

  • 48%

    The percent of our technical staff who are women or non-binary

  • 25%

    The percent of our technical staff who are BIPOC

Why Cityblock?

Over the last two years, we’ve hired individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including social workers, music majors, art majors, construction managers, call center associates, and accountants. We hire from FANG and Deloitte, and we also hire from Teach for America and community non-profits.

Where we work

Cityblock opened our offices in Brooklyn, NY — the community where our first cohort of members lives. We're fond of our history there and many staff live in the neighborhood.

In 2020 we transitioned to a remote-first workplace, first motivated by Covid safety but now a core part of how we operate and hire. Today our team is fully remote by default.

Atlanta, GA
Bellerose, NY
Berkeley, CA
Boston, MA
Brooklyn, NY
Chicago, IL
Clyde Hill, WA
Denver, Co
East Hampton, NY
East Worcester, NY
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Glen Cove, NY
Jersey City, NJ
Lake Worth, FL
Los Altos, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Manhattan, NY
Maplewood, NJ
Miami, FL
Northampton, MA
Plymouth, MN
Point of Rocks, MD
Reading, MA
Redding, CT
Running Springs, CA
Tempe, Arizona
Woodside, CA
Woodside, NY

What we stand for

  • To build gentler tech
  • The crisis within the crisis
  • We need all of your "too much" here

Read more at our blog

How We Work

Our experience of building

  • We build collaborative, autonomous teams

    You’ll work on a small, cross-functional team of 5-7 tackling business and technology problems. You’ll connect with your team every day through standups, pair programming, design sprints, and regular feedback reviews. We ensure every scrum team maintains a healthy staff size to enable agility—not too small or too large. We also ensure we're consistently improving through sprintly retros and quarterly team scorecards to monitor fundamentals like psychology safety, predictable velocity, and driving impact through outcomes over output.

  • We are agile in approach

    Our teams follow iterative, hypothesis-driven, and data-informed development practices. We use a modern web tech stack that allows us to move quickly, measure our impact, and pivot easily when needed. Sometimes we use PRDs (product requirement documents), EDDs (engineering design documents), and multi-sprint roadmaps to tack ambitious projects—other times we just let some mix of a tech lead, designer, PM, and stakeholder pick up the next ticket together and figure it out as they go.

  • We enjoy direct access to front-line care teams

    When you release new tools, you’ll be in a Cityblock Slack channel with teams in the field using your systems to care for our members. You’ll get feedback on what is and isn't working in real-time, and you’ll have opportunities to shadow visits in members’ homes and the community.

  • We have some fun

    While the context is serious, the work can be fun. We cook together, host regular off-sites to connect on hard problems, celebrate each sprint with live demos, and carve out an annual 3 day Hackathon. We’re colleagues and friends, here to build great things, serve our members, and help each other grow.


What We Build

Under the hood

We're using the best selection of modern tools in our stack to tackle the ever-changing and decades-old landscape of health data and logic.

google big query
Google Cloud Pub/Sub
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